Nautical Club of Limnos, enhancing its international apparence further, participates in the Erasmus+ CoWay project (Collaboration Gender Way of Coastal Rowing, code: 101090819) for the development of costal rowing.

The first partners’ meeting of CoWay  took place online on last Thursday (12/1)!

CoWAY  aims to render coastal rowing an infra-gender team sea-sport, by providing training and a series of activities that valorize gender collaboration, contributing thus to fostering diversity and inclusion in the field of nautical sports. CoWay aims to bridge the existing  gap in the field of training and coaching regarding gender and diversity issues, since costal rowing is a sport which promotes gender equality and inclusion.

CoWay is consists of four activities:

  • 4 local training programs for gender collaboration
  • 1 indoor rowing race competition and 1 endurance rowing-marathon
  • 1 International Summer Camp
  • 1 business intelligence tool for data collection

NOL is one of the four partners that participate in CoWay. The other three are the following:

  • Rowing Club Adriatico Fano, Italy
  • Veslaški klub ARGO IZOLA, Slovenia
  • Zagreb Rowing Federation – Croatia