The Nautical Club of Limnos being one of the first clubs in Greece that introduced and developed the sport of coastal rowing has managed to create a significant capital of knowledge and experience. Both at an athletic and technical level, NOL is among those organizations that actively promote coastal rowing, not only at national, but also at European level.

The results of this multi-level effort are now visible and extend beyond the purely sporting activities of NOL, such as its successful participation in and organisation of rowing and costal rowing regattas. In particular, Nautical Club of Limnos is pleased to announce that through the expansion of its network of international partnerships, it is now able to export its knowledge and experience in the sport of coastal rowing. In this context, the coaches of the club Konstantinos Dikranis and Chrysa Berberi, this week will be in Constanta, Romania, where they will meet with the head of Clubul Sportiv FARUL Constanta. The purpose of the meeting is for NOL to provide FARUL  with technical assistance and know-how for the creation and organization of a coastal rowing department. The meeting is taking place after a request submitted to NOL by the officials responsible, in the context of the cooperation between the two clubs in the European RO-BEATS project.