The European project CoWay (project no.101090819, funded by Erasmus+ Sports) in which the Nautical Club of Limnos participates as a key partner, was an excellent opportunity for its extroversion and development. Therefore, in March 2023, NOL, willing to continue and strengthen this dynamic, submitted a new proposal to the European Commission for funding of a new European project under the Erasmus+ programme.

Today, NOL is very pleased to announce the approval and funding of the project for which it applied through an extremely competitive and demanding evaluation process. The full title of the new project is ‘Rowing Beach Sprints: Green, Spectacular, Intergenerational’, while its subtitle is RO-BEATS (project no. 101133950).

Like CoWay, RO-BEATS is the result of an international partnership with other European nautical clubs based in Italy, Germany and Romania. However, the Nautical Club of Limnos is the leader of this partnership, taking on the challenging task of managing and administering the partnership, except for participating in the project activities.

In more detail, the RO-BEATS partnership is as follows:
Nautical Club of Limnos, Limnos, Greece – (NOL) – Leader of the Partnership
Rowing Club Adriatico Fano, Fano, Italy – (RCAF)
Ruderklub Flensburg e V, Flensburg, Germany – (RF)
Clubul Sportiv FARUL Constanta, Constanta, Romania – (SCF)

We will soon inform you about the inaugural activities of RO-BEATS, as well as its progress. Stay tuned!